Steiner M750R LPF GEN II Fernglas

Steiner M750R LPF GEN II Fernglas
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"Steiner Military 7x50 R LPF Reticle Version with Laser Protection Filter Other Versions... mehr

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"Steiner Military 7x50 R LPF Reticle Version with Laser Protection Filter

Other Versions

Steiner Military 7x50 R
Steiner Military 7x50 LPF
Steiner Military 7x50 R LPF

Military ruggedness and precision

For situations in extreme darkness, the enhanced low light performance of the STEINER Military 7x50 has made this the standard binocular for special naval and military units throughout the world. The 7x50 configuration coupled with STEINER''s optical brilliance provide impressive mid-90% peak light transmission performance for surveillance, navigation and other low-light applications. M-22 reticle, and lightweight construction. Meets all applicable military specifications and is durable for a lifetime of high performance.


  • clear and brilliant pictures even under the most difficult light conditions
  • optimal combination of magnification, field of view, and compact dimension allows perfect observations
  • foldable eyepieces suitable for eyeglass- or gasmask wearers
height= Steiner Steiner


STEINER''s special compact construction shifts the center of gravity into the palms of the user''s hands and allows a long-time observation without getting tired.
The round shoulder shape of our binoculars is absolutely necessary to enter and leave armoured vehicles such as tanks without hindrance.

STEINER''s long-lasting, slip-proof and noiseless protective rubber armouring with its webs gives a perfect firm grip, in cold, heat, rain, sea water and the sun''s rays as well as additional protection against environmental influences. The long lasting rubber amouring is extremely rugged and resistant against oil, acid, and salt water. This rubber armouring is slip-proof, noiseless and shock-absorbing thus makes the binoculars comfortable to hold at a maximum ease-of-use.

Binoculars from STEINER withstand the toughest demands made on them. They feature an extremely compact and resistant design that can cope with the most demanding conditions. STEINER''s special optical military construction guarantees stability even under severe shock and vibration conditions - due to their unbreakable Makrolon inner housing our military binoculars are extremely rugged and lightweight.

STEINER''s genuine military binoculars are the only ones which have a two-way valve system which means that prior to the process of filling the binocular with nitrogen the normal and humid air existing in the interior of the binocular will be sucked off and when there is a vacuum inside the dry nitrogen will be blown in. Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech solution. Only this method fully guarantees an absolutely condensation-free use of the binocular during changing temperatures and in altitude differences. Even temperature variations between -40° and +80°C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-filled binoculars. The unique 2-way-valve technology makes inspection, service and maintenance possible even after a number of years. The binoculars are always ready for action under the most extreme conditions or in the worst weather conditions. Optical quality and precision are maintained for decades.

STEINER''s genuine military binoculars guarantee a tightness/pressure-proofness of 0.5 bar which corresponds to a water pressure proofness of up to 5 m depth of water. Special sealing technology protect the high-end optics from outer influences. No dust, no dirt and no humidity can penetrate into Steiner binoculars.

As per general military requirements STEINER''s genuine military binoculars withstand temperature ranges from -40° to +80° C.

Porro-prism systems are used in almost all of the high-quality binoculars. These binoculars are extremely rugged. This system creates a perfect three-dimensional image and its construction increases light transmission. STEINER''s military binoculars offer a bigger depth of field since the two objective lenses are further apart from each other. This has the big advantage that the observer can clearly judge at distance whether one object is behind or in front of another.

The STEINER individual eyepiece focus makes observing particularly comfortable. If both eyes are of the same dioptre strength, simply set both of the adjusting rings on the eyecups to 0 and you will see clearly from 20 m to infinity. If not, adjust both oculars individually for razor sharp images. Once adjusted, everything will be sharp and clear from approx 20 m to infinity for varying distances. Simple use. Also with a single hand only.

STEINER''s multi coated optics provides outstanding viewing quality due to extremely high light tansmission. All lenses and prisms are manufactured with maximum precision and are specially coated and deliver optimum observing results. Such state-of the art optical technology guarantees absolutely bright, high-contrast and sharply contoured images with natural color definition.


Different STEINER Reticle Depictions:


Distance or size of objects can be easily determined with the help of a reticle.

Calculating Distance:
With a known height or width of an object, it is easy to determine how far it is away.

    Formula: size of object x 1.000 / scale value (mil) = distance

When this formula is used, the distance will be given in the same units of measurement (feet, meters, etc.) as is used in estimating the known size of the object. The same formula can be used to determine range with the vertical retical scale when height of an object is known. The use of the vertical scale is preferred (especially on level terrain), since objects are often viewed obliquely along the horizontal axis.

Calculating Size:
With a known distance, the size of an object can easily be determined by using the reticle.

    Formula: distance x scale value (mil) / 1.000 = size of object


Since laser protection has become an important issue with regard to optical observation devices years, all STEINER military binoculars can be supplied with a laser protection filter, either our standard one (OD 4 / 1064 nm) or a filter as specified by the users and customers.
STEINER was the first company in the world who developped, offered and manufactured a binocular with laser protection filters. Since the time when we started our development and research work in this field, we have gained a tremendous additional amount of experience and knowledge in this technology which is for the benefit of our military customers.


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